Last Modification: September 6, 2016

File Structure

The files have been placed Design Server (smb:// in three mains folders:

  • UI Design
  • Invision Backup
  • Marketing Materials

Every Friday each designer must backup their files into the server.

Naming Projects and Files

The files have to be named with the descriptive tag to be found it quickly.  Also, the folder or file must place inside of one of the three folders.

Invision Structure

Invision automatically creates a folder for each project. To keep the data up to date is required to install an Invision Sync, instructions here.

Automatically when Invision Sync is installed, the files start to sync and download the last files.

Invision Credentials

Create new screens on Invision


We prototype with Photoshop, but the layer comps are mainly the feature we use to create the screens on the platform. A complete guide is here. There are more ways to do it, but all the PSD files work on that way.

Photoshop Credentials